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 SCHOOL ESTABLISHMENT - 1 -JUNE- 1999    U DISE NO. - 27320301002  SCHOOL INDEX NO. - 25.03.022


School Management :- Private Aided

Date Of Permission :-  01/06/1999

Date Of Establishment :- 01/06/1999

School started under scheme :- Regular

School  category:-     Up.Primary.            Secondary& Hr.  Scecondary          Lowest Class :- 8

Higest Class :- 12


Remarkable Achievements of School :- 


  • Chaturang Pratishthan’s the Best of the Best Student Award conferred many times.

  • Excellent performance of the school in ‘Sane Guruji Gunvatta Vikas Abhiyan’.

  • Excellent  performance in sports. Students excelled at district level and and were selected to participate at divisional level.

  • State Level Selection of Students for Inspire Award for Science Exhibition.

  •  Students are selected  for  National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship.

  • ....Students excelled at district level and and were selected to participate at divisional level.Tai-condo & kick Boxing.

  •  District level Participation Akhil Bharatiy Vidyarthi Vidnyan Melava,

  •  Elocution  Competition silver medal.

  • 10th and 12th excellent results.

  • ​Teaching and non Teaching Staff = 08 ,

  • Head master - 01, Teachers - 04, Cleark - 01,  Peon - 02

Remarkable Achievement of the College -

   Bhagirthibai Sudam Patil Jr. College Anjanwel started in 2009.

  • IT Olympiyad                                                                                                                  

  •  1. Kumari Pratiksha Anant Khetale   - First Rank                                                                    2. Kumari Samiksha Mahesh Pevekar - Second Rank                                                          3. Kumari Tejal Suresh Khadape -  Third Rank

  • Kumar Narwankar Premnath Dattaram, First Rank in the taluka level and district level  Wrestling Competition.Selection in divisional level competition.

  • Teaching and non Teaching Staff = 04 ,Proffesor – 04 ,


Various Curricular and co-curricular School Activities :-

Zanj and Lezem Squad -  

To give scope to the artistic qualities of the students, a cymbal and lazim team has been formed in the school. It participates in various festivals and public activities in the campus and in the school throughout the year.

ST Pass Scheme – 

 ST Passes are removed for the children who travel from far away to study in the school. Due to this, the number of children coming to school from the slums of the area has increased. Students from poor families are benefited from it.

Distribution of educational materials – 

 By contacting philanthropic individuals and organizations, various educational materials are procured for the bright and talented children of the school and distributed to the students every year. This helps in reducing the dropout rate.

Art Gallery – 

 Every year, various educational activities include making sustainable items from waste, handicrafts, art competitions and exams, news-picture collection, dance and theater arts.

Organization of educational trips –

 For the past several years, educational trips have been organized through the school, in which activities such as Varsha Sahal, forest food, field visit and a big trip are implemented in the school and through this, other knowledge and experiences are imparted to the children.

1. Taluka-level Principals Association Ratnagiri (Higher Secondary Group)
Cultural Program - Drama Competition – 2nd Rank
2. Taluka-level Principals Association Ratnagiri (Higher Secondary Group)
Handwriting Competition – First place Ms. Samiksha Rakesh Pawar
3. Taluka-level Principal Association Ratnagiri (Higher Secondary Group)
Essay Competition – 1st place Ku.Riya Anil Waghe
4. Inter Institutional Competition (Secondary Group)
   Slogan Competition – 2nd Rank Kumar .Manthan Dilip Dabholkar
5. Intra Institutional Competition (Secondary Group)
Essay Competition – Third Place Ms. Gauri Shailesh Padyal
6. District Level Judo Competition (Secondary Group) organized by Ratnagiri District Amateur Judo Association
Vacant Ramesh Bhuvad  Gold Medal
Tanushree Mangesh Kajare  Gold Medal
Prachi Ravindra Bhuvad  Silver Medal
Om Pundalik Natekar  Bronze Medal

Harmony between School and community  -  

To create harmony between School and community, School Teachers visit students’ home and interact with parents regarding economic educational difficulties.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam  reading corner -

To create awareness of reading  in students’.
Carrier Guidance - 

School has developed carrier guidance corner & hall with the help of it school take psychological testing & Conceling programme for students.

My Pledge My Tree -

To create awareness about environment. 
Bird Feed Project - 

Water  pot for birds in hot summer. 
Student senate Election  -   

To create awareness about democracy, constitution and functioning of  government system.

Suryanmaskar - 

Every saturday all students in school have doing suryanamaskar activity. world suryanamaskar day celebrated in school on Rathsaptami every year.

Lecture Seminar - 

On Occasion of Dr. Tatyasaheb Natu Smrutidin School arranges Lecture Semminar for Students & Parents..


About School  

               Anjanwel School was founded in 1992, on no grant basis by Responsible villagers.  The local committee found it difficult to continue because of financial problem.  Dr. Tatyasaheb Natu Smruti Pratishthan had established nice reputation in educational field. The Anjanwel School (Gopalgad Madhyamik Vidyalay)  was handed over to Dr. Tatyasaheb Natu Smruti Pratishthan in 1997-98 by mutual consent.

                The vilage Anjanwel is situated at extreme corner of Guhagar Taluka, So the nearest School from Anjanwel was 15 km away on either side, that was the main reason many students especially girls could not take secondary education.Dr. Tatyasaheb Natu Smruti Pratishthan started working for the School at  this critical juncture. As a first step trust applied for approval by Maharashtra Government and got official permission in June 1999.

             The School was run in a rental building for first 8 years. Pratishthan acquired 1 acre of land for the School and constructed School building consisting of 5 rooms. Dr. Pandurang Hari Vaidya from village Anjanwel donated Rs. 5 Lakhs in the memory of his mother for the construction of  the school building. The School was renamed as Durgabai Hari Vaidya Madhyamik Vidyalay Anjanwel in 2007. 

             Though basic requirement of secondary education was fulfilled, Facility of Junior College was not available in the vicinity. The Pratishthan with the help of villagers of surrounding villages started Junior College of Arts and Commerce (Composite). Smt. Sarojtai Parmar donated Rs. 5 Lakhs for construction Junior College building. So the Junior College was named as Bhagirthibai Sudam Patil  Jr. College Anjanwel.   Now the School has 5 Classrooms, Cultural Hall, Science Lab, ICT Lab, Library, Staff room, Play Ground, Office etc. 

              For the overall development of the  students  various  co-curricular activities are arranged in the school, for example various competitive (NMMS,NTS,MTS,KTS,Vidnyan Ranjan ) examinations. Students are encouraged to participate in  Government art grade exam, History teachers association exam, Rashtra Bhasha Hindi Pariksha, Ganit Sambhod pariksha, Krantiveer Parichay pariksha.

              Elocution and calligraphy competitions career guidance, gathering, cultural events, educational trips are organized  in the school. 

             School celebrates national days and birth and death anniversaries of great  leaders of India. Dr. Tatyasaheb Natu smruti Din is observed on 25th July.  

       The school takes part in various competitions arranged by Guhagar Taluka Headmaster association and inter institution competitions, such as storytelling, essay , G.K., Sports, Science exhibition and MCC drills ect.

            The school tries to develops social awareness in the students by collecting donation for the welfare of blind and handicapped people. This project is implemented in the school with help of institutions like NAB and handicapped association, Guhagar Taluka.

Youth Festival, Food Festival, Medical check up of students, Display and information about Weapons (courtesy taluka Police Inspector), Power safety Demonstration, Karate couching and Social awareness  education of  Adolescent girls are being conducted for School and College Students'. 

 Physical and other facilities of the school -

  • Spacious building and well-ventilated class rooms and clean and green Surrounding,  Talkative walls & premises.

  • Well equipped Science laboratory.

  • Library with reading room with more than seventeen hundred books.

  • I.C.T. laboratory.

  • Separate Toilets for boys and girls. 

  • Excellent classrooms and attractive layout.

  • Adequate furniture. 

  • Effective use of L.C.D. projector. 

  • Specious playground with well equipped sport kits for different sports.

  • Various types of ample teaching aids & science models for various subjects.

  • Separate room for mid-day meals scheme. 

  • Educational support for poor and needy students.

  • Vocational Guidance cell. 

  • Vocational Guidance Corner.  

  • Counseling Sessions for students.

  • Psychological testing & Counseling Programms for S. S. C. & H. S. C. Students. 

  • E-learning.

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